Why Layers Are Important For Your Updo!

Why are layers so important for an updo?

I have had a few bride who have come to their trial with long…… all one length…. thick hair. And then this sentence follows “I have been growing my hair out an updo. Do you think I have enough hair?”

YES… Yes.. yes you do. You actually have too much!

I know it sounds crazy but too much hair can be a problem with updos. Here are 3 reasons why you need layers.

          1. Your hair is weighing you down.  In other words, you will have no volume. The hair is so heavy that no amount of bobby pins will help to hold the volume up.

          2. It’s heavy. Believe it or not, your hair will feel even heavier once in an updo. This can lead to headaches as well… no one wants a headache on their wedding day.

         3.Messy Toussled hair is harder to acheive. It seems to be the trend of messy-with-a-purpose updos. Although because of all the weight, it’s hard to create the tousled look.

I hope this helped you to understand why you need layers for an updo!




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