Why I Don’t Like Airbrush Make-Up


Airbrush why i don't do it like it bad not good hate

Many brides are interested in airbrush make-up. In the bridal world, it’s the thing to do.

Why am I against it??

  1. It’s Cakey – Around the nose… in your creases. In order to give you some coverage, make-up artists have to pile it on!
  2. It doesn’t cover breakouts, pimples or dark spots – I have found that it makes pimples or breakout spots look more noticeable. Instead of using a brush to give your foundation some texture… the airbrush machine just applies a sheer thin coat.
  3. Looks good on the camera but awful in person – Most brides judge their make-up on how it looks in person… they forget about the camera end of it!
  4. Tends to look orange – Unless you plan on getting a spray tan.. its difficult to match your skin tone!, lik


Maybe none of these things will matter to you.. but it’s definitely something to consider 🙂


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