What Questions To Ask At Your Hair Trial??

Your trial can be such an overwhelming time. You have tons a questions to ask. It’s diffiucult to know where to begin.

I have put together 10 Questions to ask your stylist during your hair trial.


  1. What hairstyles do you think will work best with my hair?
  2. What hairstyles will look good with  my dress?
  3. Is there anything specific I shouldn’t do to my hair the night before my wedding?
  4. What should I do to help prep my hair?
  5. What do you require for me to secure my wedding date?
  6. Can you also do my wedding party?
  7. Ask about the type of products they plan on using in your hair, if they are any different from the trial run.
  8. Does it cost extra for on location?
  9. Ask how long the stylist allows for you and your bridal parties services… so you can start working on a timeline.
  10. If you didn’t bring hair accessories, show the stylist pictures so they can take that into account!


Hopefully these tips will help you get a better idea for your wedding day!

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