Simple & Romantic Side Swept Updo | Prom & Bridesmaid Hair Inspiration

Prom Side Swept Bridal Updo Upstyle Blonde Dirty Hair Hairstyle Medium Brown Long Curls Loose Hairstylist Upstate New York 2016 Hairdresser Specialist Seattle Washington Spokane Coeur D'alene Idaho Fort Mill Tega Cay South North Carolina

Today’s Hairstyle Inspiration is this beautiful side swept loose updo hairstyle.

What will surprise you is that this guest had hair down to her lower back…….. It was long… super long… I didn’t know if I was going to be able to pull it off.

Every single woman who sits in my chair, brings a new challenge. That’s what makes my job fun! You never know what to expect.

So very proud of this updo! 🙂

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4 Spring Beauty Tips

In upstate New York, spring can start in March……. or June….. our body is constantly trying to adjust to the climate. Check out these four tips so you can feel beautiful all spring long!

  1. Drink Water with Lemon –  Besides tasking amazing, lemon water is great to keep your body from bloating. It also helps to fight cancer cells, keeps your skin hydrated, and lowers stress levels (this means less breakouts!)
  2. Release Stress Toxins – A relaxing bath, yoga class, or walk will help you to stay stress free. Did you know your hair grows better when you stress less??
  3. Wear a little extra pink on  your cheeks – this time of year is bright and cheery! Don’t be afraid to add a little extra blush…. this time of year is mild enough where your make-up wont run off 😉
  4. Coconut Oil – Everyday after the shower, apply a little coconut oil. It will help to keep the skin hydrated, protect from the sun, and give you a nice little glow!

What do you find helps you feel beautiful in the spring?


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