How To Prep For Your Make-Up Trial

Bridal planning is crazy and stressful!! You are probably going book your make-up trial after work. Although this isn’t your wedding day, it’s nice to get a feel for what you will look like on your special day!


Here are some things to remember for prepping your face before a trial:

  • Come in with a clean face. If you are coming straight from work, bring some make-up remover wipes in the car. It’s helpful for the stylist to see what your skin is like naturally.
  • If you can help it, no foundation. No one has perfect skin. Don’t feel like it’s necessary to wear your foundation to cover up pimples.
  • Just a little moisturizer. This is good to look into. Your moisturizer could be wiping your make-up right off!



I hope these bridal tips helped you out! If you have any questions feel free to message me at

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Questions To Ask At Your Make-Up Trial

What questions to ask at your bridal make-up trial??

After your trial, be sure to ask your stylist some of these important questions:


  1. How would you describe your make-up style?
  2. Do you specialize in a special look or technique?
  3. Do you work with all ethnicities?
  4. Will the make-up look good in both person and photographs?
  5. Does your foundation contain SPF?? (Link for why SPF is bad for your wedding)
  6. Do you have an option for those with sensitive skin?
  7. How do I book you? Do you require a contract or deposit?
  8. Will you be my stylist at the wedding?
  9. Can you accommodate for my bridal party as well?
  10. How much time do you need for each person?
  11. Can you travel to my location? If so, how much is the travel fee?
  12. What methods of payment do you accept?


A great make-up artist will have no problem answering any of these questions. Good luck with your make-up artist hunting!

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