6 Ways To Reset This Fall : A Fresh Start

I have always thought of September as a fresh start. When I was in grade school, I remember feeling like this new beginning had a million possibilities.

I always love New Years Resolutions. They give me something to strive for. It’s like I can hit a reset button… but somehow I always fall back into my old ways.

That’s why I decided to hit my reset button again this fall… I have fallen away from those goals and life changes I had made.


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I Love My Job | Hairstylist Life

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(Photography By Amber J Photography)

Today is another one of those days where I find myself feeling so thankful. I Love My Job. Who goes to work everyday and gets to say they LOVE what they do?? When I’m in the salon, it’s like chatting with my friends for a few hours.  When I’m doing weddings, I find myself feeling so proud of my hairstyles.

How can life get any better???


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How To Prep For Your Make-Up Trial

Bridal planning is crazy and stressful!! You are probably going book your make-up trial after work. Although this isn’t your wedding day, it’s nice to get a feel for what you will look like on your special day!


Here are some things to remember for prepping your face before a trial:

  • Come in with a clean face. If you are coming straight from work, bring some make-up remover wipes in the car. It’s helpful for the stylist to see what your skin is like naturally.
  • If you can help it, no foundation. No one has perfect skin. Don’t feel like it’s necessary to wear your foundation to cover up pimples.
  • Just a little moisturizer. This is good to look into. Your moisturizer could be wiping your make-up right off!



I hope these bridal tips helped you out! If you have any questions feel free to message me at cherryblossombelles@gmail.com

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