Best Hairstyle For Humid Weather

It’s the middle of summer….. and it’s humid. You planned to wear your hair down……. but you know what’s going to happen as soon as you step outside??

ALL THE CURLS FALL AND FRIZZ……. It’s a nightmare!

Maybe you thought all the hairspray in the world would keep it perfectly in line…… and it didn’t. Let’s eliminate some stress……………..

During the humidity, Updo’s work best. Messy with a purpose updos are perfect…. they give you the hair down feel with the security of it staying in place!

If you absolutely can’t imagine an updo, definitely go with the side swept look!

Hope this helped!


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Half-Updo Tips & Advice

Have you thought about wearing a half-updo for your next special occasion? These styles are beautiful. A half-updo is very versatile…. and can be worn for a casual or fancy occasion.

Before your heart is set on this style, you may want to take a few things into consideration.

  1. Weather.

– No Humidity….. works best for half-updo styles. When there is moisture in the

  air your hair won’t hold a curl.

– Not too hot….. because your hair will stick to your neck and back causing the

  hair to frizz and/or straighten.

– Perfect for fall and winter….. the weather tends to be less humid and on the

  cooler side! Making this style absolutely perfect.


  1.    Strapless or Spaghetti Strap Gowns.

Dresses that have any type of sleeve or thick strap tend to not work well with

   this style. The hairstyle will often times take away from the beauty of the gown

   in these cases.


  1.     Your Jewelry and/or Beading.  

 – Stud earrings, bold/elaborate necklaces, and heavily beaded gowns around the bodice don’t usually don’t work well with a half-updo. The hair will often get tangled in the necklace and beading… causing the curls to frizz and/or fall out.


It is so important to take into consideration these factors when deciding on your hairstyle! Best of luck with all your planning!!



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