Why Is My Hair Oily?!

why is my hair oily

Are you one of those girls who washes her hair everyday?

For many, it is because they are trying to avoid a greasy mess. Hair produces oils for a reason.

The oils are to keep the hair healthy and moist.

Here are 4 reasons your hair is producing oil…

1. Not enough humidity in the air. This can also lead to dry scalp.

2. Hot Showers. Although it feels amazing… the heat is taking out all the moisture in your hair.

3. Constantly playing with your hair.

4. Blow Drying causes too much heat on the scalp and hair.

Do you know why these things are causing your hair to become oily??

When your scalp and roots are dry… it stimulates an over production of oil. The more you try to get rid of the oil… the more greasy your hair will become.

Hope this helps you better understand why your hair is producing too much oil!


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