3 Ways To Wear a Half-Updo

Half-Updo’s are beautiful. It gives a sense of elegance…. yet is perfect for those who love their locks!

Types of Half-Updo’s:

1. Completely off the face. – This style is perfect for for those with an oval shaped face. It really         shows off natural beauty. It works perfect with gown that has a very intricate top….. and                 simple back.

2. Fringe and Whispies Left Out. – This style is great for those with a heart shaped, diamond,            square, or long face shape. It helps to even out the face to give it the appearance  of an oval              face. This style also looks beautiful with a gown that has an intricate top.. and simple back.              I would also recommend this for spaghetti straps or strapless gowns.

3. Hair Down completely and just top portion pulled back. – This style is beautiful for those               with round faces. It helps to elongate the face. This hairstyle is also perfect for those who                 love their hair down… but want something a little extra special. It looks beautiful with a                   simpler gown… and often women wear this style with a strapless neckline.


Which hairstyle will work best for you??



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