Sanitize Make-Up Brushes

how to sanitize make-up brushes

Prior to starting my wedding Hair & Make-Up Business, it was a rare occasion to sanitize my make-up brushes. I was the only one using them….. so why did it matter??

After struggling with a little acne, I found that nothing was working. I used every creme and face wash known to man. Since I have very sensitive skin, I would notice that the make-up was “sealing in” the bacteria.

That’s when I realized…… I rarely sanitized my own make-up brushes. It was so simple, so why hadn’t I thought about it sooner?? In between every client I sanitize…… so why shouldn’t I, after my make-up is done?

Here is how you sanitize your brushes:

  1. Using a paper towel, swirl brush around… to get rid of any extra product.
  2. Spritz a little bit of rubbing alcohol on the brush.
  3. Lay out to dry.

What I store rubbing alcohol in: A mini spray bottle.

I generally deep clean my brushes once a week. I use a gentle shampoo to extract all the product build up!


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