Finding The Right Extensions | Brides Nightmare….. They Won’t Curl!

How To pick you the right hair extensions for your wedding day bride bridal long longer hair

“They aren’t curling… but I spent $130…. they have to curl!”

I remember hearing one of my brides panic as her extensions fell flat the morning of her wedding. In the end, we changed her hairstyle so we didn’t need them…. but if she had know these 4 Tips To Finding The Right Hair Extensions… We wouldn’t of had these problems!

hair extensions didn't curl wont bride bridal wedding nightmare avoid find 100% human hair

  1. Clip-In Extensions are the Best Buy – You don’t just wear the extensions on your wedding day… they can be used for years after! It’s a better investment.
  2. Buy Real Human Hair 100% – Any thing that has synthetic filler will not curl…. even if the box says they will!
  3. Do They Shed?? – This quick test can be done at the store… take the extensions out of the box and run your                                                            fingers through them…… If a ton of hair comes out.. then they aren’t a good quality!
  4. Match Your Hair Color – Again you need to take them out of the box.. Put them up against your hair.. If you can’t find the                                  right shade, buy the lighter set and have your hairstylist color them for you!

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