Why Layers Are Important For Your Updo!

Why are layers so important for an updo?

I have had a few bride who have come to their trial with long…… all one length…. thick hair. And then this sentence follows “I have been growing my hair out an updo. Do you think I have enough hair?”

YES… Yes.. yes you do. You actually have too much!

I know it sounds crazy but too much hair can be a problem with updos. Here are 3 reasons why you need layers.

          1. Your hair is weighing you down.  In other words, you will have no volume. The hair is so heavy that no amount of bobby pins will help to hold the volume up.

          2. It’s heavy. Believe it or not, your hair will feel even heavier once in an updo. This can lead to headaches as well… no one wants a headache on their wedding day.

         3.Messy Toussled hair is harder to acheive. It seems to be the trend of messy-with-a-purpose updos. Although because of all the weight, it’s hard to create the tousled look.

I hope this helped you to understand why you need layers for an updo!




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Why You Shouldn’t Straighten Your Hair Before Your Wedding

Why you shouldn’t straighten your hair before your wedding

Often times, a bride will straighten her hair for the rehersal dinner. The next morning when the hairstylist curls her hair it doesn’t look the same as her trial. This is not only frustrating for the bride but also the stylist.

Here are 3 reasons you shouldn’t straighten your hair.



  • It won’t hold a curl.  This is typically what happens… The bride’s hair will look great for the first few minutes and then within a half hour the curls begin to fall. For some hair types, it will go back to being completely straight. The only way to reverse this day of is to use a prep spray or to shampoo and condition again.




  • There’s no volume.   Flat hair and no volume is another huge problem. It doesn’t seem to matter how much hairspray you use. No volume is a huge indicator of a straightener.




  • It has no grip.   The hair is very smooth and silky after using your straightener. This makes holding bobby pins in place very difficult. There is nothing for the pins to hold on to.



The exceptions to this rule are ethnic hair and very curly hair. For these hair types, I would suggest straightening on very low heat the night before your wedding. Do not touch it morning of.


Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I hope these tips on why you shouldn’t straighten your hair before your wedding helped!

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How To Prep Your Hair For A Bridal Hair Trial

Most of the time, a bride will come right from work to their trial. Typically, their hair is hairsprayed or in a messy bun. Although this isn’t your wedding day, it makes it more difficult for the stylist to give you the full effect.


Here are some things to remember for prepping your hair before a trial:


    1. Take a shower the night before and let it air dry. This will give the stylist an idea of what your hair type is. She can give you guidelines for your wedding day off of this.
    2. Please don’t style it. Absolutely NO straighter…. and no curling iron… just no heat in general.
    3. Keep it Product Free. This will help your stylist decide what products are needed day of. Your hair may hold a great curl at the trial, from your hairspray that morning, but on your wedding day you are wondering why it keeps falling out!
    4. Prep any extensions or extra hair. Make sure they are combed through and ready to go.





Following these four easy steps, will help you to have an amazing trial!

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What Questions To Ask At Your Hair Trial??

Your trial can be such an overwhelming time. You have tons a questions to ask. It’s diffiucult to know where to begin.

I have put together 10 Questions to ask your stylist during your hair trial.


  1. What hairstyles do you think will work best with my hair?
  2. What hairstyles will look good with  my dress?
  3. Is there anything specific I shouldn’t do to my hair the night before my wedding?
  4. What should I do to help prep my hair?
  5. What do you require for me to secure my wedding date?
  6. Can you also do my wedding party?
  7. Ask about the type of products they plan on using in your hair, if they are any different from the trial run.
  8. Does it cost extra for on location?
  9. Ask how long the stylist allows for you and your bridal parties services… so you can start working on a timeline.
  10. If you didn’t bring hair accessories, show the stylist pictures so they can take that into account!


Hopefully these tips will help you get a better idea for your wedding day!

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How to Choose Photos For Your Bridal Hair Trial

One of the biggest mistakes a bride will make, when coming into the salon, is being unprepared. This can be in a couple different ways. Either way too many pictures or absolutely none.

Here are some tips to finding the best pictures  to bring to your trial.


  1. Hair Color – Only bring in photos with your hair color. For example a brunette should not bring in blonde photos. One of the many reasons this is important, is because blonde styles tend to show more detail and texture.


  1. Similar Style – Figure out what style you love. Bringing in a photo of an updo, half-updo, and hair down can be confusing to both you and the stylist. Another example, is if you like a vintage flare, don’t bring in very modern looks that you think are pretty.


  1. Hair Length – Look for styles that are similar to your hair length and cut. If you have medium length hair that is thin, don’t look for styles that are of long hair models with a ton of volume. This will give you false expectations. (Keep in mind if you love long thick hair, you can use extensions!)


  1. Only 3-5 Photos – Bringing too many photos can cause confusion. Stick to just a few that you really like.


Hopefully these tips will help you to find better pictures for your trial! Happy Wedding Planning!

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What To Bring To Your Hair Trial

When a bride is preparing for her wedding, there are SO many things she is planning. Thinking about her hair trial is probably last on the list!

Why is a hair trial important?

I have found more often than not, brides have picked a hairstyle that doesn’t compliment her gown or is impossible with her hair type. Having a stylist help her decide on a hairstyle, that will work best with her dress and hair, will eliminate a lot of confusion day of.

Its great when a stylist can work with a brides hair before the big day as well. It will help the stylist to bring the right products and tools as well.

Also getting a feel for the stylists personality, will help the bride feel more relaxed on her wedding day!


What do I bring?


  • Veil and/or Hair Jewelry – It’s great for the stylist to see what you plan on wearing in your hair day of. Sometimes a veil may need new prongs or hair jewelry is too heavy. Without these pieces for a trial,  the bride may feel like something is missing.
  • Pictures – When the bride has an idea what she would like prior to the trial, that makes everything go much smoother. Coming in clueless can cause confusion for the bride and the stylist.
  • Open Mind – Be open to ideas and suggestion. When a bride has her heart set on one style, a stylist may fall short of her expectations.


I hope this post helped you understand a little more about your trial!



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