Pinned & Pretty | Hairstyle & Hair Pin Collaboration

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I received this beautiful hair pin in the mail from Pinned and Pretty! Isn’t this gorgeous!! The pin stayed so nicely in the hair…. which is a huge plus!

Be sure to check out her instagram:

And Etsy Shop to get one for yourself :

Beautiful way to spice up any outfit or hairstyle 🙂



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Why You Should Book Your Hair & Make-Up Stylist First


I can’t tell you how many brides book their wedding stylist last minute. The average bride looks into beauty services about 4-6 months prior to their big day.  


At this point, many of the best stylists are already booked.


It’s funny how a bride can be so picky about how she looks on her big day….. Yet never took the time to look into these services first. When you look back at pictures years from now….. The first thing you will say is “I looked so beautiful” or “Why did I ever hire that stylist?”


I encourage you to book your services 8-12 months prior!


Hope this helped with your wedding planning!

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Half-Updo Tips & Advice

Have you thought about wearing a half-updo for your next special occasion? These styles are beautiful. A half-updo is very versatile…. and can be worn for a casual or fancy occasion.

Before your heart is set on this style, you may want to take a few things into consideration.

  1. Weather.

– No Humidity….. works best for half-updo styles. When there is moisture in the

  air your hair won’t hold a curl.

– Not too hot….. because your hair will stick to your neck and back causing the

  hair to frizz and/or straighten.

– Perfect for fall and winter….. the weather tends to be less humid and on the

  cooler side! Making this style absolutely perfect.


  1.    Strapless or Spaghetti Strap Gowns.

Dresses that have any type of sleeve or thick strap tend to not work well with

   this style. The hairstyle will often times take away from the beauty of the gown

   in these cases.


  1.     Your Jewelry and/or Beading.  

 – Stud earrings, bold/elaborate necklaces, and heavily beaded gowns around the bodice don’t usually don’t work well with a half-updo. The hair will often get tangled in the necklace and beading… causing the curls to frizz and/or fall out.


It is so important to take into consideration these factors when deciding on your hairstyle! Best of luck with all your planning!!



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How To Wear Your Make-Up On A First Date

First dates are nerve racking. You want everything to be absolutely perfect. We’ve all been there. It starts out by going shopping for that jaw dropping outfit. We contemplate whether we wear a simple dress or stylish jeans. Once we have that figured out, we spend countless hours on pinterest  deciding what hair and make-up look will go best with that outfit.

I have SO many women ask me…. What do I wear for make-up?? I want to look sexy and flirty… but not over done.

Answer the following questions honestly.

1. Whats my make-up style on a daily basis?

2. What is my favorite facial feature?

3. Where is the date?

4. What time of day?

5. Is my outfit simple or does it have some beautiful embellishments?

6. What colors am I wearing?

Now here is a quick break down for each of your answers.

1. {Whats my make-up style on a daily basis?} – If you are a no make-up kind of girl,  you definitely aren’t going to want to do anything crazy (like liquid eyeliner). Find a No Make-Up – Make-Up tutorial. It will help to give you a more flawless look. If you generally wear a bit of make-up, be sure not to  go over the top! Guys aren’t into girls who are totally fake.

2. {What is my favorite facial feature?} – That’s the one you need to focus on. Really emphasize what you love. If you feel like your eyes should pop, that look for a good eye shadow tutorial. If you love your lips….. then try a little brighter shade. You will feel more confident too.

3. {Where is the date?} – You want to find a make-up look that is appropriate for where you are going to meet. Obviously if you are meeting for afternoon coffee, you don’t want to wear Friday Night Out dramatic make-up. If you were going to a pizza place, you wouldn’t want to look like you were dinning at a 5 star resturant. Be sure to think about where else you could go after the date. If he invited you to go for a stroll in the park…. when it’s 90 degrees out… you don’t want to be sweating off your make-up. That isn’t pretty 😉

4. {What time of day?} – This is something else you want to take into consideration. I always tell women… before 5:00 you want to wear some light make-up. Stick with neutral tones. No crazy or bright colors. After 5:00 you can go a little more dramatic. A brighter lip or darker eye shadow is perfect!

5. {Is my outfit simple or does it have some beautiful embellishments?} – With a very simple outfit, you will want to have a little more make-up. When there is no distraction with the clothing, he can really focus on how beautiful your face is.  With an outfit that has some embellishments, you definitely want a look that is fairly simple. You want him to be able to focus on you… and not be so distracted by your outfit and make-up. You want to find balance.

6. {What colors am I wearing?} This one is pretty easy. When you wear bright colors… you want a more neutral make-up look. When you wear a softer outfit.. you want to add more vibrant colors to your make-up.

Be confident… And be yourself!

If you have any more questions, be sure to email me at


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How To Prep For Your Make-Up Trial

Bridal planning is crazy and stressful!! You are probably going book your make-up trial after work. Although this isn’t your wedding day, it’s nice to get a feel for what you will look like on your special day!


Here are some things to remember for prepping your face before a trial:

  • Come in with a clean face. If you are coming straight from work, bring some make-up remover wipes in the car. It’s helpful for the stylist to see what your skin is like naturally.
  • If you can help it, no foundation. No one has perfect skin. Don’t feel like it’s necessary to wear your foundation to cover up pimples.
  • Just a little moisturizer. This is good to look into. Your moisturizer could be wiping your make-up right off!



I hope these bridal tips helped you out! If you have any questions feel free to message me at

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