What To Bring To Your Hair Trial

When a bride is preparing for her wedding, there are SO many things she is planning. Thinking about her hair trial is probably last on the list!

Why is a hair trial important?

I have found more often than not, brides have picked a hairstyle that doesn’t compliment her gown or is impossible with her hair type. Having a stylist help her decide on a hairstyle, that will work best with her dress and hair, will eliminate a lot of confusion day of.

Its great when a stylist can work with a brides hair before the big day as well. It will help the stylist to bring the right products and tools as well.

Also getting a feel for the stylists personality, will help the bride feel more relaxed on her wedding day!


What do I bring?


  • Veil and/or Hair Jewelry – It’s great for the stylist to see what you plan on wearing in your hair day of. Sometimes a veil may need new prongs or hair jewelry is too heavy. Without these pieces for a trial,  the bride may feel like something is missing.
  • Pictures – When the bride has an idea what she would like prior to the trial, that makes everything go much smoother. Coming in clueless can cause confusion for the bride and the stylist.
  • Open Mind – Be open to ideas and suggestion. When a bride has her heart set on one style, a stylist may fall short of her expectations.


I hope this post helped you understand a little more about your trial!



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Grand Opening!!

It’s official…. Cherry Blossom Belle is Open!

I have always wanted to start a blog and business revolving around weddings and beauty. Just two years ago I started my wedding business.. yet I always felt like something was missing.

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I can promise you 3 three things…

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